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A Cornish Getaway

What's the best thing about friends who live in cool places? Why, being able to visit them in their native land of course! While Cornwall may feel like it's far away enough to be a foreign country for those of us who live in the east of England, it's a very popular destination for people to go to on holiday especially during the summer months as it is absolutely gorgeous. It's renowned for its lovely coastal scenery, addiction to surfing and culture. Myself and my two housemates decided to go on a road trip and visit our other housemate who is originally from just outside Truro. It was a good excuse to forget about impending university work...

We were there for only 2 and a half days but managed to get around quite a bit. Luckily the weather was very good to us and we only had a little bit of rain on the second day, so we took full advantage and did as much as we could. It doesn't take long at all to travel around if you've got a vehicle. If we had more time we would have definitely gone down to Land's End but I guess I'll have to look forward to that in the future!​

First... Perranporth


Truro is the main city in Cornwall and is probably the best place for shopping although it is still pretty small. My housemate's sister runs a shop called Uneeka which sells loads of cute gifts, accessories, bags and more and has a little café up top that boasts a view of the high street and the cathedral.

Best brownies ever! Falmouth

Falmouth was very enjoyable; the town had some lovely little shops and restauarants as well as pretty views of the docks and boats. We couldn't go to Cornwall without having fish and chips or Cornish ice cream! Both were delicious - the ice cream was particularly indulgent as it's not just vanilla ice cream by itself but vanilla ice cream with clotted cream AND toppings. The portion looked like a snowball balancing delicately on a little cone. The beaches were also really pretty and serene. They are perfect for dog-walking at this time of year; I can imagine in the summer they'd be rammed with people on holiday! Godrevy

On our last day we went to three places - the first was Godrevy. Godrevy is one of the National Trust's beaches and is such a beautiful place to visit for surfing, swimming, walking, picnics...basically being outside and at one with nature (to put it cheesily.) We walked along until we were opposite the iconic lighthouse and then further up to get a view of some seals on the beach below. The walk took us about an hour and a half but we stopped a lot of times to get some great photos!

Marazion & St. Michael's Mount

After Godrevy, we headed south to the little town of Marazion, a quaint place with a couple of churches, some gift shops and a town hall. It didn't take long to walk through it but on the way I noticed how adorable the houses were; the pastel colours and Christmas trees made the homes look very cosy and welcoming. A lot of people head to Marazion, however, to visit St. Michael's Mount, a little island that you can walk across to when the tide is low. There is a house at the top of the island which has a rich history and to this day there are still people living in it. At weekends it isn't available for the public to view so they do at least get a bit of privacy!

St. Ives

Last but not least, St. Ives. I think St. Ives might have been my favourite place, just because of the abundance of cute shops and the layout of the town, which is built basically upon a cliff. A lot of the places in Cornwall do seem to be similar to one another but at the same time they also all have their own charm. The salty smell kind of follows you everywhere and leaves you pining to be back there. At least, that's how I feel being back at home in London now...

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