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She was perfect Content The others looked on in wonder Four of them barren, large and clumsy Four of them flustered, puny and scorching. All eight cloaked with envy And in their jealousy they tormented the stars For shining so brightly, trying to get her attention They shot back and forth across the galaxy, Showing off, A spectacle for her. She was perfect Perfect The sun blessed her The moon was besotted with her He never left her side. Her skin is oceans, Her features carved out of rock, sand, green The birds, fish, animals are her cells Multiplying, dividing, cruising through her body. * She was no longer perfect No longer content She had a fiery core, and her anger surged, a mixture of desperation and resentment And fear, she shook with it Something like cancer It had always been there but it was only now that the cells began to mutate. What had once been the circle of life became the game of life Her skin was withering, Her features attempting to withstand the searing pain, Her cells mutating. For every act of love there is an act of hate Which would prevail? She couldn’t tell She was familiar with many forces but these were not the kind of forces she dealt with These forces pulsated. She was crying for help from the others But the others were too far away to see To them, she still looked perfect To them, a celebration was taking place There was noise and there were colours, bursting And in their bitterness they resided where they were And her cries are not loud enough.

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