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Welcome to the Fashion & Beauty section of laviederhi.com. My style has changed a huge amount since I was a teenager. Me and my style, we've been through a lot: geeky glasses, an undercut, coloured jeans, Docs, fire engine red hair, friendship bracelets, you name it. I am finally at a stage where I am very content with my own personal style. I love to dress up but I am also all about the comfy and practical. There are trends I follow and trends that I don't really like. It's a mish-mash of a lot of different looks and inspirations but what I always make sure of is that I feel confident in what I wear. I dress for myself and myself only. Why is it anyone's business what you choose to wear? It's all for you, boo. You do you. Here I share a couple of outfits that I feel encompass my personal style. Have a read, have a nosey, enjoy...

Blazer - Forever 21 Turtleneck - H&M Trousers - Boohoo Shoes: eBay Clutch - Primark Earrings - H&M Bracelet - Primark

Bold prints are my favourite. I'm not a ditzy print girl; give me spots, stripes, retro flowers, colour blocking. The high neck of this top against the low cut of the blazer, the hair scraped back into a bun and the feather earrings dropped - it's all about juxtaposing cuts, angles and colours. This is quite an 'out there' outfit for me as I wore it one year to London Fashion Week.

Top - Boohoo ​Riding pants - American Apparel

Pumps - Primark

Clutch - Primark

Hat - H&M

Black with a pop of colour is something I do often. With black you can't go wrong - it's moody, it's subdued, it's classy, it's casual. However, instead of feeling like I'm going to one funeral after another, I try to introduce some life into my outfits (get it?) whether that be through a lipstick, an accessory or another clothing piece. If I'm wearing something tight on one half of my body I tend to go for something more flowly or oversized on the other half.

Top - Zara

Maxi skirt - Vintage

Trainers - Reebok

Necklaces - eBay

​Bracelets - Primark Lipstick - Ruby Woo by MAC

I love trainers. They are so comfortable but can also be stylish. Black and white is often my go-to look simply because it's so aesthetically pleasing. The skirt and trainer combination I really like. I love the juxtaposition of the girliness and the urban vibe.​ I used to layer on jewellery like there was no tomorrow but now I'll addone or two pieces; I particularly like chokers.

Turtleneck - H&M Skirt - Forever 21

Coat - Zara

Trainers - Adidas​

I will wear trainers no matter what length the skirt is! This outfit is pretty much 80% khaki, hence I added the trainers as a 'pop' of colour and to give a slightly different edge to the look.

Top - Zara

Jeans - Vintage

Jacket - Next

Shoes - Public Desire

Belt - M&S

Clutch - Primark

​Earrings - Primark

Jeans are a staple in anyone's wardrobe. For me, skinny jeans, mom jeans and 80s style jeans are the ones to wear. I love vintage clothes and sometimes feel like maybe I'm ten or twenty years behind - but everyone's jumping on that wave these days anyway, it's the trend. I also love jewellery - any kind floats my boat. Big earrings are a winner. ​​​​

Crop top - Missguided

Coat - Michael Kors

Skirt - H&M

Shoes - eBay

​Necklace - Topshop


Revealing pieces and modest pieces can work together; it's all about the balance. A tiny crop top together with a high-waisted skirt and big coat ended up being a seriously cool combination. I hope you enjoy the fashion and beauty posts and maybe even take a little inspiration from them. I always encourage people to stay true to what they like to wear. How would you describe your style?

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