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There’s something very intimate about a sunset. Rays of light cast a divine glow across the world, causing even the ugliest things to look celestial, and the warmth reverberates through the hearts of those witnessing our favourite star’s goodnight kiss. From the couple left speechless upon a hilltop to the old man in his canoe ploughing waters of liquid gold, from the woman rocking her crying baby to sleep out on the terrace to the friends attempting drunken photographs amid barbeque fumes, each individual is reminded momentarily of the cosmic blessing given to our earth. Even if things aren’t going so well – or maybe they are – in this moment, it’s all ok. While it’s not just you gazing at the streaks of blue, pink and gold, you feel as if the moment intimately belongs to you and the sun. You silently smile, convinced you’ve given a tiny chunk of your heart to an even tinier chunk of an expanding universe.

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