Chinatown is a place I used to visit a lot when I was younger. I have memories of family meals, scouring the supermarkets for Chinese sweets and custard buns and standing on tiptoes trying to get a glimpse of the dragon that made its appearance every Chinese New Year. Although I still sometimes have to stand on tiptoes these days (#shortgirlprobs) I rarely make it over to Chinatown. Recently however, I had a free Saturday and a catch-up with my cousin was needed, so we decided to take a trip over to Soho and relive the memories. Bonus: it was Chinese New Year. Although we didn't see any dragons, Chinatown was as bustling as ever, and we had some real good food. What more could I ask for? The closest station to Chinatown is Leicester Square, which you can reach on the Northern or Picadilly lines.

Myself and Rebekah ate at Wan Chai Corner on Gerrard Street, which I've been going to for years. You can't really go wrong with many of the Chinese restaurants in the area, but Wan Chai always serves nice, big portions and friendly service. It has got multiple floors so feels quite roomy and perhaps a bit more intimate than some of the other restaurants. We had a shared starter, a main each and drinks. We also got a great view of the street outside.

After our very late but satisfying (lunch? Dinner? It was like 5pm by the time we left) we headed over to the notorious Bubblewrap place, famous for its Hong Kong inspired 'bubble' waffles, that you can get filled to the brim with all sorts of delicious goodies. Mine included hazelnut ice cream with extra hazelnuts, strawberries and salted caramel sauce. The waffle was actually pretty light so with the yummy toppings it was the perfect combination. At £7.49 it was pretty pricey, but totally worth it!

That's it from me, folks! A rather short blog post today, but there's plenty more to explore in Chinatown. If anything, the atmosphere and food is perfect for a nice afternoon out.

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