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My current favourite female music artists

So I haven't done a music related post for a good while (I've only ever done one music related post actually, ha) so I thought it was about time I gave y'all a little insight into my music taste - be warned, it varies greatly. Today's post is all about my current favourite female music artists (bit of a mouthful, that) and I'm not gonna lie, compiling the list was pretty damn difficult as there is an insane amount of talent out there. These ladies never fail to impress me, so here they are... Kali Uchis Kali is somebody I recently discovered and SWEET JESUS I am in love with this woman. Do you ever find a music artist whose songs it would be impossible to get bored of? Kali is that person for me. Her style is a heady mix of R&B, soul, reggae and pop and she has this incredibly angelic voice that just gives me the feels. Last month she released her debut album Isolation, which I have, needless to say, been rinsing it. Kali's Columbian roots means some of her music has South American influences which I dig, and equally her 90s fashion sense really appeals to me. Strongly suggest checking her out if you haven't already - and I can't wait to see her at Lovebox festival this coming July!

SZA SZA is another artist I haven't been listening to for long, but I have quickly become overwhelmed by her ridiculous musical talent. She too has a varying style of music that encompasses the likes of R&B, soul and hip hop. Need a solo chillout sesh? SZA's music makes you feel some type of way, let me tell you. SZA has received a heck of a lot of award nominations for her music and made it onto Barack Obama's list of favourite songs in 2017. She's got another enthusiastic fan right here, one Rhiannon Hutchings.

Rihanna How could I not include Rihanna in this list? Bad gal Rih Rih has been an absolute favourite of mine since I was rocking Kickers and sucking ice pops back in secondary school. Her latest album Anti, although released back in 2016, is probably my favourite so far and every time she pops up on a single - which happens a heck of a lot - I find it hard to contain my excitement. Rihanna is a musical icon, fashion icon, philanthropic icon and just all round girl BOSS.

Dua Lipa Since climbing to success over the past couple of years I have steadily grown to like Dua more and more. Her recent songs IDGAF and One Kiss are my absolute jams, and this year she was the first woman to be nominated for five Brit awards. Her recent songs IDGAF and One Kiss are my absolute jams and I just know that more incredible things are yet to come for this young lady...yes, she is younger than I am *cries*

Kehlani A couple of years ago I was super into Kehlani. I think the arrival of Spotify - which allowed me to discover a ton of new music - ended up distracting me and it's only recently that I realised how much I neglected Kehlani, who had been one of my favourite singers. I am now loving her more than ever - not only does she have a great voice and give off super positive vibes, she's an incredibly interesting person to learn about and wise beyond her years (she only just turned 23.)

Janelle Monáe If you don't know about Janelle Monáe you best get to know. The singer traverses many different genres and eras in her music - quite literally, she says she has an alter-ego from the future - and she is probably one of the quirkiest music artists I know. She's got incredible fashion sense, is an amazing dancer and if you haven't seen the PYNK music video featuring crazy labia trousers, you should go watch it. In all honesty, this gal is unique on the scene.

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